Short story

He said that even death couldn't stop him, so when his heart gave out, they strapped him to a rocket.  Some people always have to be right.


Pastiche or Plagiarism?

Terry Kennedy forwarded the Prov staff this link today.  It's about the digital generation and plagiarism.  Read and discuss.



I'm back!  The recital went really well, and there are recordings posted on the sidebar if you wish to listen!

New things:  a comic I've been reading for quite some time:  Gunnerkrigg Court.  This is a wonderfully-drawn comic that has an interesting story, is funny at times, and serious at others.  Check it out!
 A sample page for your viewing pleasure:

I also start student teaching tomorrow.  Wish me luck - it's my first time with junior high kids!


Recital tomorrow!

Hi all,

My trumpet recital is tomorrow, and I would love to see all of you there!

The recital is at 7:30 PM in Eva Clare Hall (at the U of M Faculty of Music). The program features works by Bernstein, Copland, Ewazen, Anderson, and more!  The program also features Carole Pollard on piano, Meg Specht and Liz LaRue on clarinet, and Derek Fraser and Crystal Schwartz on trumpet.

See you tomorrow!


A must-see website for the internetically-challenged

For those of you who have wanted to know more about why the internet works, this site is for you:

Know Your Meme

This site is dedicated to showing the inter-world exactly what happened to make those ridiculous internet phenomena (memes) happen.  The episode on Autotune is particularly great.


Internet Time-Wasters

Over the years, I have played many, many games on the Internet.  Here is a list of my five most-played games, and a little blurb about them.

#1 - Desktop Tower Defense.  This game is a classic tower defense game - bad guys try to get across the map, and you have to stop them by building various towers.  This one is number one for me because you can change the path of the creeps by changing your tower placement.

#2:  Eyezmaze.  I have no idea what this site exactly is, but it has a few puzzle games that are extremely entertaining.  Try to place the objects in the correct order to win.

#3:  Robot Unicorn Attack. Aaron sent this one to me.  Guide a robot unicorn across the land.  Listen to with sound on.

#4:  Dino Run.  This game is similar to Robot Unicorn Attack - guide a dinosaur across the landscape to escape extinction.

#5:  Pandemic 2.  You try to create a disease that will wipe out humanity.  Somewhat morbid, but fun to see how diseases spread across the world.

Only try these if you have spare time!


Twenty things worth knowing about beer

(click click - warning, some language)

A new site

I discovered a new site a few months ago.  It's quite great.  It's called The Oatmeal.  Some examples of its goodness:

Go here

Or here

Or read this joke:

Q:  What was Beethoven's favourite fruit?

A:  Ba-na-na-naaaaaaaaaa!  (it was his 5th favourite...)


From Alena


Watch this video if you want to laugh.


Goals for the next two weeks:

Finish all my projects for Teaching Music in the Senior Years (4 pages of papers, 10 minutes of teaching, and preparation of a resource binder)
Finish all my projects for Aboriginal Ed (45-minute group presentation, site visit, and two 6-7 page papers on the previous two tasks)

Goals for the next month:

FOUR HOURS OF PRACTICE A DAY.  Can I do it?  I think so.  Keep me accountable, please!

Also, I have a recital on April 15th at 7:30 PM in Eva Clare Hall (Faculty of Music Building, University of Manitoba).  Please mark this on your calendars!