As requested by Aaron, here is a list of all the courses I have taken in a post-secondary setting. These are arranged alphabetically.

Acoustics of Music
Band & Orchestral Techniques 1
Band & Orchestral Techniques 2
Beginning Acting
Bible Study Methods
Brass Quintet
College Singers
Directed Study in Composition
Environmental Science
Faith and Reason
Instrumental Ensemble
Intro to Judaic Studies
Intro to the New Testament
Intro to the Old Testament
Introduction to Christianity
Introduction to Composition
Jazz Band
Jewish Religious Texts
Literature Since 1900
Major English Writers
Mission Issues Today
Musicianship I
Musicianship II
Music History 1
Music History 2
Music History 3
Music History 4
Music in Christian Worship
Music Rudiments
Music Skills III
Music Skills IV
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
Philosophical Foundations for Studying Theology
Piano Lessons
Spiritual Formation
Trumpet Lessons
Vocal Ensemble: Veritas
Voice Lessons
Wind Ensemble

Being in music, many of the courses I have taken were repeated many times (for example, I took voice lessons for six semesters, and will have taken trumpet lessons for 4 at the end of this year).

Wow. I feel old now. Something about my courses - my favourite courses I have taken are Philosophical Foundations, Music Theory IV, Intro to Composition, and Band & Orchestral Techniques. Honourable mentions - Major English Writers and all my ensemble courses (Wind Ensemble, Brass Quintet, Veritas, Jazz band, etc). Philosophical Foundations and Music Theory IV (at CMU) changed the way that I think. I would not view things the same if I had not taken these courses. Intro to Composition has me writing music and learning about different techniques, and I really like it, and Band & Orchestral Techniques is teaching me how to be a band teacher. These get the top spots for being incredibly fun, well-taught, and useful for life. My honourable mentions didn't make the top, but were a lot of fun, and educational, too.

Courses I wish I didn't take - Environmental Science (What was I thinking? This class was completely useless and I did not learn a single thing, despite getting an A), Beginning Acting (didn't learn anything new), and Mission Issues Today (my mom is a missionary, so also nothing new). Faith and Reason was also pretty useless, but I can't remember why at the time.

Total credit hours at the end of this year: 150.
Total credit hours at the end of 2011: approximately 250.

Classes I've wanted to take but haven't had time: Calculus. Yes, Calculus. I'm a sucker for punishment. Also, more philosophy.

It's really neat to look back. I encourage you to post your class lists, and talk about what they've meant to you!