More things

Well, Amber's gone. Life isn't the same. Oh well - guess I'll just have to deal with it.
In other news, Matt Neufeld and the Danger Trio (my jazz band) are playing in Steinbach's Pioneer Days parade tomorrow (Fri the 29th) at 10 am. Be there, or be a quadrilateral.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Rewind time to last Wednesday. I arrived home from work to find that my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had arrived in the mail. I knew immediately that I wouldn't be getting much sleep that night. I went over to Amber's for dinner, and then we went to BDI and hung out at her house for a bit. I returned home at midnight, and promptly cracked the book.
4 hours later, I finished. I was so tired I didn't know what to think, except I had realized that this was an absolutely fantastic book. And I can't wait for the conclusion. Read the book (after you've read the other 5, of course, else this one won't make too much sense).
The ending is what makes the book, of course. I won't give anything away, but the rest of the book can seem a little dull and stuck-in-the-mud, but it all makes sense once you reach the final few chapters. This drudgery in the middle of the book I find is perfectly necessary, and is worth slogging through.
Read it now!


New DVDs

All right, got my first paycheck from Corpell's Water: here's what I bought:
The Fifth Element on DVD
Futurama Season 4
Both of these are excellent purchases, Futurama's just been taking up lots of my time finishing it all. I have yet to be disappointed by any episode.
Oh, and for the curious, here's a picture of Amber and I. For anyone who reads this (as far as I know, it's only Aaron) and is curious, we are officialy dating. Yeah, that's right.


Happy Fireworks!

The new Homestar Runner short is awesome! Check it out here!


Canada Day

Well, it's Canada Day once again...and I'm sitting at home, enjoying the chance to sleep in. Yes, I do know that it's 10 in the morning. When you get up at 7 every day, 10 is a real treat! I do have a reason to get up, though - I'm going to a friend's house to play Twilight Imperium - it's kind of like a cross between Axis and Allies, Settlers, and Star Wars. It's pretty cool, though - this will be the third time I've played it.

On a completely different note, I've become part of an online composers' community over the past few years. You can visit my homepage here, and view all the scores that I've published. You do need a special program to view the scores, but it's free and easily downloadable.