Coming home

Hi all,
I'm currently in my last week of school at Prov before spring break. I'll be home this Friday!
So...give me a call sometime!



So, yesterday I finally graduated...piano, that is. I got my brand new Grade 7 books, and I'm really excited! And, here's the best part:
It has a Chopin prelude, and I can play it!
I was reading through the book, and I came to a Chopin prelude, and I tried it, and I could play almost all of it! I'm super excited.
In other news, U of M audition tomorrow. I feel good about it. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.



As a late birthday present to myself, as well as a present for working a loooong day for the government a few weeks ago, I picked up a 30 gig Video iPod earlier today.
The result: I'm really happy. Now if I could find some videos to put on it instead of just 20 GB of jazz....