Here's some news I thought all of you would appreciate:
I have been accepted into the U of M Faculty of Music as a trumpet student starting next year.
I am ecstatic.


Quote of the Day

"They may have a six month waiting list, but I have a six-foot-long python!"


OK, slightly paraphrased, but still worth it. Check out John Allison's other webcomic, Scary-go-round!


A Much-Needed Update!

Hi all,
It's been far too long since I've posted anything. So here's my attempt at earning your forgiveness for not posting: a link to some of my music!
In other news, here's what's going on, and what has happened:
-Exams are done! Hooray!
-Prairie Voices sang with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra this past weekend. Good times!
-I am auditioning for the School of Music at the University of Manitoba next week for trumpet and education stuff.
This is most of the big stuff. To everyone who I haven't seen in a while, please call or email me - I still care, I promise!
Next semester I will still be at CMU, which I am enjoying very much. Keep watching for Prairie Voices concert updates!


Bad Mood?

In a bad mood? Do a Google Image Search for baby penguins.
(Thank you, Something Positive.)


Greatest video games of all time

I bought Half-Life 2 Episode 1 today. I'm waiting for it to download right now, so I figured I'd post about video games. Here's a list of my favourite video games ever (in no particular order).
1. Half-Life. What do I need to say?
2. Half-Life 2. Zombies and Ravenholm, and some of the best chase scenes ever. The ending was a little weird, and I wanted to fight a boss, but it was worth it.
3. Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Great story. Flawless gameplay. Replayable like crazy. Probably the best game ever made.
4. Zelda: Majora's Mask. Much, much darker than OoT, but the story was there. Kudos on the 3-day game mechanics - this was a puzzle in of itself.
5. Zelda: Link to the Past. Classic Zelda (are you noticing a pattern?)
6. Homeworld. I know some of you didn't like this (Aaron, cough!), but the story was fantastic and emotionally involving. Amazing use of cutscenes that were drawings (in between levels). Great game mechanics, too.
7. StarCraft (including Brood War). I put so much time into this game it isn't even funny anymore.
8. Chrono Trigger. Great story, replayable, fun as anything.
9. EarthBound (SNES). Funniest game ever. Whoever made this game had a warped sense of humour, but it made sense to me.
10. Harvest Moon (SNES). Most repetitive game ever. How could a game this tedious be so fun? I still have no idea, but the game is solid.
11. Super Monkey Ball (GCN). It's a monkey in a ball. What's not to love? This game has the best multiplayer modes for parties, especially for people who don't play games regularly.
12. Mario Kart 64. This was a well-made game. I still think it's better than Double Dash.
13. Donkey Kong Country (SNES). This was the first Nintendo game I ever finished. Donkey Kong 64 was pretty good, too.
14. Jet Force Gemini. A lesser-known game, but it had a great story. Great music, too.
15. X-Wing and TIE Fighter(PC). How could I forget this game? These were the most difficult games I have ever played.
16. Dark Forces and Jedi Knight. Lucasarts used to put out some solid games. What happened? I remember the first time I got to use a lightsaber...I was very excited.
Honourable mentions: Zelda: The Wind Waker for spectacular graphics, a good story, and the moment where everything except you is in black and white, and Pokemon, for the most addictive game ever.

Before you complain that "this video game isn't on your list", remember that I may not have played it. Feel free to add your favourites, though!
Also, I realize that there are no Mario games on here. Bite me.



Upcoming Prairie Voices concert!
Friday, October 20th at 7:30 pm
Knox United Church (400 Edmonton St.)
Cost: $8 for students/seniors, otherwise $10.
Call me or email me for tickets - this is a fundraiser for me too!


A Much-Needed Update

Wow. It's been a while since I've posted anything - life has been super busy. I'm taking 11 credit hours of courses at CMU, working 2 jobs, and singing in Prairie Voices - I'm extremely busy, but it's all so good!
Prairie Voices is awesome - the choir sounds fantastic already, and we've had 3 rehearsals! It's so nice to be in a choir where everyone wants to be there, and is a good singer too! We sound like we're 100 people, not 40. We're doing super modern stuff, but most of it is really neat stuff. We're doing some Eric Whitacre pieces, and they're really cool, but really tough.
CMU is pretty cool, too! I'm only taking music courses, so it's good for me, and I'm learning lots. I feel like I'm in over my head in one course - music since 1945, because I don't know anything about atonal music. Otherwise, it's smooth sailing.
And work is still good. I started teaching the jazz band at Prov this week - it was pretty cool, and I have some good players! I still need a rhythm section and trombones, though - I don't have anyone at all. If you want to play, or know someone...hook them up!
Just so you know, if I'm not talking to you right now, I don't hate you - it just means that I'm too busy to talk to anyone!


Scratch that

So, I'm not working for Starbucks anymore.
Instead, my dream job fell into my lap.
I'm now working at St. John's Music.
Oh yeah!


Yet another new job

Some of you may be sorely disappointed with me for this, but I got a job at Starbucks today. Why Starbucks? It's close to home and I can work two days a week during the day. Plus the people there are around my age. And they play jazz in the store.
So here's my fall schedule:
Monday: Class in the morning, Prairie Voices in the evening
Tuesday: Work in the morning, jazz band in the evening
Wednesday: Class in the morning and evening
Thursday: Work in the morning, Prov jazz band in the evening
Friday: Class in the morning.
Saturday and Sunday: Who knows?
Pretty crazy, huh?


A visit with Elroy

Yesterday I went to visit Elroy Friesen at the U of M. Many of you know Elroy, whether from singing with him or by hearing about him (or his choirs, particularly Prairie Voices, which I will be participating in next year, even though Kristel Peters is leading it now).
It was a good time catching up with Elroy - we had lots to talk about. I came away re-inspired to pursue music education, and I might just try again at U of M - who knows? Since Elroy is there, I might be able to give it another chance.
One neat thing that happened - Elroy had a bunch of extra music sitting in his office, and he was like, "Do you want this?" "This" was a box full of choral music - probably 400 or so songs. So now I have the beginnings of my own choral library, and lots of music to peruse and abuse. Yesterday was a good day.


Pet Professional

I found a new webcomic - it's called Pet Professional. It has one of the most original concepts I've seen in a while - a hitman who kills animals. But not just any animal - pets. Household pets. It's hilarious. Apologies to you animal lovers out there, but this is just plain funny. Check it out.


Pirates! Gyaaarrrr!

So last night I went out with my dad and brothers to see the 12:01 showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Here's my review:
I thoroughly enjoyed Pirates 2. It was full of action, explosions, humour, and more explosions, with an intriguing story to boot. The music was good, but nothing innovative was present - just classic Hans Zimmer. In terms of story: it's good. Some parts are a little hard to follow, but it's pretty straightforward.
So, for a good movie, but nothing really new brought to the table, I award Pirates 2 an 8.5/10.
In short: Go see this movie. You won't be disappointed.


New job

Check this out.
As you can probably tell, I'm exceedingly happy right now.


Jazz Festival

Hi all,
I've been meaning to post for a while, but unfortunately real life supercedes online life. Once I figure out how, I'll post some tour pictures.
In the meantime, the Winnipeg Jazz Festival has been going on. Last night I went with Steph to go see Michael Kaeshammer. As I told her several times, last night was the best night of my life - or at least pretty close. Michael Kaeshammer is a jazz pianist, in the boogie-woogie and stride tradition, and he absolutely blew me away with his playing. Solid tempo, soulful riffs, and a playing style so hot I thought the piano was going to burst into flames at any moment.
The pieces he played weren't that difficult chord-change-wise - most of them were 12 bar blues, but what made them so special is that he was playing unaccompanied for the first set, and his left hand work is absolutely spectacular. It was so fast that I had no idea how tendonitis didn't immediately set in for him. I guess the songs were dictated mostly by the second set, where he played with Harry Manx - a lap steel guitarist. I don't know what those things are capable of, but he didn't do anything tremendously virtuosic, so I think that's why the songs were kept easier. Easy changes, however, doesn't mean that it was easy. If you ever want to hear Michael Kaeshammer, just find me and I'll loan you one of his CDs - which are spectacular as well, but after hearing him last night, the CDs pale in comparison - although recorded jazz can never beat live.
If you ever get to see Michael Kaeshammer, do it. It'll be a night that you won't forget.


In Scotland!

Hi all,
I'm writing this from a library in bonnie Scotland! I'm in Edinburgh, and it's the last leg of our tour. I will post some pictures when I get home, and I've got lots!
Well, until then, cheers!


Off to England

As of yesterday, I am now allowed to do this:

Matt Neufeld, B.F.A.

Pretty neat, huh? Along with my degree, Prov gave me the Vocal Performance Award, and the Chris Derksen Memorial Scholarship. I think that's very hip.

In other news, I leave in seven hours for the UK! This year is a tour year for the College Singers, and we are touring to England and Scotland till May 15th. Pray for safety, fun, and health for all of us. For our itinerary, go here.
I'll see all of you in a month!


And I'm done

Wow - it's been a while since I posted. Sorry - life's been too busy to blog.
Here's what's been up in the last 3 weeks:
Approximately 50 pages of papers due.
A wedding in Saskatchewan.
My grad recital.
Spring Concert (which I wrote the final combined piece for).

Life's been busy.

However, today marked a milestone in my life: I handed in my last assignment ever at Providence College. I handed in 2 BS Methods papers today, and that was it. No fanfare, no weeping or gnashing of teeth - just a feeling of relief. And relief is what I need most.

In other news - United Kingdom in 13 days! That'll be good fun, and a great way to end my time at Prov.

One more thing: The word of the day for me is "fantastic".

And I'm done

Wow - it's been a while since I posted. Sorry - life's been too busy to blog.
Here's what's been up in the last 3 weeks:
Approximately 50 pages of papers due.
A wedding in Saskatchewan.
My grad recital.
Spring Concert (which I wrote the final combined piece for).

Life's been busy.

However, today marked a milestone in my life: I handed in my last assignment ever at Providence College. I handed in 2 BS Methods papers today, and that was it. No fanfare, no weeping or gnashing of teeth - just a feeling of relief. And relief is what I need most.

In other news - United Kingdom in 13 days! That'll be good fun, and a great way to end my time at Prov.

One more thing: The word of the day for me is "fantastic".



Something important happened yesterday.
Yesterday was the annual Providence Vocal Performance competition. And I won. Go me!
If you can't tell, I'm very excited.


Come one, come all

Hi everybody,
This is an official invitation to my graduation recital, featuring Carla Giesbrecht, alto, and Straight Ahead. My recital is at 7 PM in the College Chapel on April 6, 2006. So, if you're reading this, then you're invited!


Coming home

Hi all,
I'm currently in my last week of school at Prov before spring break. I'll be home this Friday!
So...give me a call sometime!



So, yesterday I finally graduated...piano, that is. I got my brand new Grade 7 books, and I'm really excited! And, here's the best part:
It has a Chopin prelude, and I can play it!
I was reading through the book, and I came to a Chopin prelude, and I tried it, and I could play almost all of it! I'm super excited.
In other news, U of M audition tomorrow. I feel good about it. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.



As a late birthday present to myself, as well as a present for working a loooong day for the government a few weeks ago, I picked up a 30 gig Video iPod earlier today.
The result: I'm really happy. Now if I could find some videos to put on it instead of just 20 GB of jazz....


Long Time No See...

Hi all,
Sorry for the lack of updates - this new semester is going to be absolutely nuts (and I don't have internet in my room yet).
Here's what I'm taking:
Philosophical Foundations for Studying Theology
Jewish Religious Texts
Bible Study Methods
Music In Christian Worship
Voice lessons
Piano lessons
Jazz Band
College Singers
Instrumental Ensemble
Pretty full, eh?
For all you sojourn readers out there - I've been re-reading Wild at Heart, as well as doing some deep reading for Philosophical Foundations (with Tim Perry) - so I'll have some good stuff to comment on soon.
Also - my audition for the U of M is on Friday, February 17th at 11 am. Let's pray that all goes well this time!


A few more days

Well, this will probably be my last Christmas break post. I go away to Bird River Bible Camp tomorrow night for a College & Career retreat, and after I get back on Sunday, I leave for Prov. I'm very excited to go back and graduate, but I'm currently working on getting into the School of Music at the U of M for next year, so all of that is going to take up a ridiculous amount of my time and energy. I go to the U of M tomorrow for a meeting with the composition prof there - hopefully he likes my stuff and can give me some good feedback on it.
See you on the other side!