I'm back!  The recital went really well, and there are recordings posted on the sidebar if you wish to listen!

New things:  a comic I've been reading for quite some time:  Gunnerkrigg Court.  This is a wonderfully-drawn comic that has an interesting story, is funny at times, and serious at others.  Check it out!
 A sample page for your viewing pleasure:

I also start student teaching tomorrow.  Wish me luck - it's my first time with junior high kids!


Recital tomorrow!

Hi all,

My trumpet recital is tomorrow, and I would love to see all of you there!

The recital is at 7:30 PM in Eva Clare Hall (at the U of M Faculty of Music). The program features works by Bernstein, Copland, Ewazen, Anderson, and more!  The program also features Carole Pollard on piano, Meg Specht and Liz LaRue on clarinet, and Derek Fraser and Crystal Schwartz on trumpet.

See you tomorrow!


A must-see website for the internetically-challenged

For those of you who have wanted to know more about why the internet works, this site is for you:

Know Your Meme

This site is dedicated to showing the inter-world exactly what happened to make those ridiculous internet phenomena (memes) happen.  The episode on Autotune is particularly great.