Long Time No See...

Hi all,
Sorry for the lack of updates - this new semester is going to be absolutely nuts (and I don't have internet in my room yet).
Here's what I'm taking:
Philosophical Foundations for Studying Theology
Jewish Religious Texts
Bible Study Methods
Music In Christian Worship
Voice lessons
Piano lessons
Jazz Band
College Singers
Instrumental Ensemble
Pretty full, eh?
For all you sojourn readers out there - I've been re-reading Wild at Heart, as well as doing some deep reading for Philosophical Foundations (with Tim Perry) - so I'll have some good stuff to comment on soon.
Also - my audition for the U of M is on Friday, February 17th at 11 am. Let's pray that all goes well this time!


A few more days

Well, this will probably be my last Christmas break post. I go away to Bird River Bible Camp tomorrow night for a College & Career retreat, and after I get back on Sunday, I leave for Prov. I'm very excited to go back and graduate, but I'm currently working on getting into the School of Music at the U of M for next year, so all of that is going to take up a ridiculous amount of my time and energy. I go to the U of M tomorrow for a meeting with the composition prof there - hopefully he likes my stuff and can give me some good feedback on it.
See you on the other side!