New Acquisitions

Yesterday, Aaron and Caitlin and Amanda and I went to see some of the world's top commercials of 2006. Some highlights include:
This one, (Save the whales...or not)
This one, (the magic fridge)
This one (Pulp fiction in 30 Seconds).

After the show, we went to Carlos & Murphy's in Osborne Village. That place has really good Mexican food! Thanks to Third Floor for introducing me to this place!

Today Kyle (my youngest brother) took me to HMV and bought me some stuff for my birthday. Namely, a CD. It's Imogen Heap's Speak for Yourself. If you haven't heard of Imogen, go to her Myspace site and listen. Then buy this CD.
I also bought:
Chris Botti's To Love Again - a duets album, featuring many, many good people.
Run, Lola, Run for $7.99
and Edward Scissorhands for $9.99. Well worth the price!

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sarah said...

That, my friend, is a tremendous grouping of new acquisitions. Well done!