Arutunian Trumpet Concerto

I am preparing for my jury next week, so I am recording myself playing my rep. Any constructive criticism is welcome (or comments, seeing as how most of you haven't heard me play for 3 or 4 years). This is a section of the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra by Alexander Arutunian (b. 1920).

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Sarah said...

Matty, goodness gracious you've improved since I last heard you play! To be expected, of course. ;) Your dynamic range is great, you play with a lot of nuance. there were a couple of spots where your tuning got just a *hair* flat at the end of a long-ish note but other than that it sounded great to me... vibrato (is that what you call it on an instrument? i don't remember) was even and effective, and your articulation was very clean. good job, and best of luck!!