Winkler jazz gig

So, yesterday I got up at 7 a.m. to play in the Winkler Harvest Festival Parade. It was a blast, but it was probably the most difficult jazz gig I've ever had - for one main reason: we thought the parade was an hour long, but it ended up being 45 minutes longer than that. So...we ended up playing for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Without any breaks. About halfway through, my chops felt like they were totally blown, but we had to keep going. At the end of the parade, Darren's (our bass player) fingers were black and raw, Francesco's (sax player) chops were totally blown, and it took me a herculean effort to make a good sound on my trumpet that was in tune. I had a mad ring for quite a while.
The parade went well, apart from that. We played:
Watermelon Man
Blue Monk
Take The "A" Train
Everybody Needs Somebody intro
1 Hour Funk (a Matt Neufeld original).
We'll be playing at the parade in Grunthal next week, and at the Morden Corn & Apple Festival the week after that. Look for us on the Corpell's van.

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