24 hours and counting...

Well, I go back to school tomorrow. Am I excited? You bet! I can't wait to head back to the school, see all my friends I haven't seen all summer, get to eat at the same time every day, get back to music...you get the idea.
Oddly enough, I have already started work for the jazz band. I'm running auditions this year, so I have to do some prep work - i.e. photocopy audition music, keep in touch with Ed the director, put up signs, and so forth. It's good, though - any extra money is always appreciated. I picked up some charts from my high school the other day for the band to do. They're all charts I've done before, so if need be, I can conduct/direct/whatever you call it for a jazz band.
Hopefully this year will be my best yet. I'm planning on making it so, especially because of some stuff that I have planned - most notably, me helping out even more with the jazz band. Ed is going to work with me towards the end of me being able to lead the band on my own. I'm really excited about this, kinda nervous at the same time, but I know I can do it.
Anyways, I may be out of touch until I get hooked up with internet again on my computer, but that probably won't be too long.

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