At last!

Some good news for y'all,
I just finished my last paper of the semester! I have a few little things to do yet (1-page assignments and a journal), but that's it, folks!
For all of you in Winnipeg, I'm really looking forward to being home for a while. Everyone - we need to get together over Christmas.
In other news, the government randomly decided to tack on an extra $1000 to my student loan this last week. I was really happy (mostly because everything was taken care of before), so I can maybe buy some Christmas presents...
Anyways, today Straight Ahead (the school jazz band) is playing at Southland Community Church in Steinbach. Tomorrow and Saturday is the Festival of Christmas Praise here at Prov, so I'll be busy. More good news, though DHS (my and Jer Wat's funk band) got asked to play at Youth Encounter! I'm very excited.
Anyways, off to class!

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