And I'm done

Wow - it's been a while since I posted. Sorry - life's been too busy to blog.
Here's what's been up in the last 3 weeks:
Approximately 50 pages of papers due.
A wedding in Saskatchewan.
My grad recital.
Spring Concert (which I wrote the final combined piece for).

Life's been busy.

However, today marked a milestone in my life: I handed in my last assignment ever at Providence College. I handed in 2 BS Methods papers today, and that was it. No fanfare, no weeping or gnashing of teeth - just a feeling of relief. And relief is what I need most.

In other news - United Kingdom in 13 days! That'll be good fun, and a great way to end my time at Prov.

One more thing: The word of the day for me is "fantastic".


JAnie & DAve said...

Ahhh, the feeling of the last paper. Ironically enough, being a consisted procrastintor, i handed my last paper in after graduation ceremony. I sat in the girl's basement, all moved out of dorm, wishing i was wedding planning, and was typing a paper for soc of religion class. Dave was on the other side of the room typing his last paper too! I am glad that you did not try to pull this stunt, because believe me it sucks! I still got an A on the paper though. Tee hee. So are you going to be in the city this summer? You know we would love to hang out and have game nights and what not! Give us a shout.

Caitlin said...

Congrates on your two concerts! I really wanted to make it to them, but I couldn't cause I was working. I was sad I missed it. Heard you did really good though!

aaron scott said...

Sorry I missed the Spring Concert. I wanted to be there. Though your recital rocked (as predicted).

Gimme a call when you're back from the UK -- with both of us so busy this last school year, we have a lot of partying to make up for.

Matt said...

Yeah, it all feels good. Janie and Dave - I get back from the UK on May 15th, so we can hang out starting then. That goes for you too, Caitlin and Aaron.
Aaron - any time to break up my recital into tracks? It sounds fantastic, by the way. Seriously, great job. Feel free to post any of that on your website as well. I need all the exposure I can get :)