Pet Professional

I found a new webcomic - it's called Pet Professional. It has one of the most original concepts I've seen in a while - a hitman who kills animals. But not just any animal - pets. Household pets. It's hilarious. Apologies to you animal lovers out there, but this is just plain funny. Check it out.

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JAnie & DAve said...

Matt, I have to appologize! I've been reading Pet Pro for about a year, and I never told you! Beware the imfamous Dolphins story line/artist change over (and over and over). Pet Pro is a GREAT series. Horribly dispicable, but great!

(I think my favourite is still the Jello one. Tee He!)

Okay, just so I don't make this mistake again, here's my daily reading list:

Pet professional
Dr McNinja (Excellent comic!)
Joe and Monkey
White Ninja

(plus classics like)
Non Sequitor
Calvin and Hobbes

...with the occasional glance at Penny Arcade, Ctrl Alt Del and Real Life Comics.

Take care Matt!