A visit with Elroy

Yesterday I went to visit Elroy Friesen at the U of M. Many of you know Elroy, whether from singing with him or by hearing about him (or his choirs, particularly Prairie Voices, which I will be participating in next year, even though Kristel Peters is leading it now).
It was a good time catching up with Elroy - we had lots to talk about. I came away re-inspired to pursue music education, and I might just try again at U of M - who knows? Since Elroy is there, I might be able to give it another chance.
One neat thing that happened - Elroy had a bunch of extra music sitting in his office, and he was like, "Do you want this?" "This" was a box full of choral music - probably 400 or so songs. So now I have the beginnings of my own choral library, and lots of music to peruse and abuse. Yesterday was a good day.

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