Yet another new job

Some of you may be sorely disappointed with me for this, but I got a job at Starbucks today. Why Starbucks? It's close to home and I can work two days a week during the day. Plus the people there are around my age. And they play jazz in the store.
So here's my fall schedule:
Monday: Class in the morning, Prairie Voices in the evening
Tuesday: Work in the morning, jazz band in the evening
Wednesday: Class in the morning and evening
Thursday: Work in the morning, Prov jazz band in the evening
Friday: Class in the morning.
Saturday and Sunday: Who knows?
Pretty crazy, huh?

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JAnie & DAve said...

Pretty crazy indeed!

It was really great to have you out last night, Matt. I really appreciated seeing you again.


PS> We'll have to play that Brain game again, because that was one short, short game! No one even dropped the stupid brain!